About us
Directions of the enterprise:
    • Manufacturing of plastic packaging
    • In-mould labelling
    • Manufacturing of injection moulds
    • Metalworking
Why we?

Plast Mould is one of the leading enterprises in Ukraine in the field of metalworking, manufacturing of plastic packaging and injection moulds. From 1992 until now, we continue to actively develop production, increase the range of products and improve service. Our factory is 5000 m2 of production capacities with European high-precision machining and qualified specialists.

Plast Mold is chosen by more than 250 partners throughout Ukraine and abroad because we guarantee:

high quality of products
compliance with sanitary requirements
efficiency and professionalism
favorable terms of cooperation
Our history
Khmelnytskyi production enterprise Zenit (now Plast Mold) began its work in 1992. The main directions of the enterprise has become the manufacturing of plastic packaging, metalworking and the manufacturing of injection moulds.
Over the following years, the factory was actively developing and in 2007 purchased European machining for metalworking. In 2009, the company introduced an innovative technology of label application to plastic containers – In-mould labelling (IML). In 2010, the company filed a trademark “Zenit” and opened an official representative office in Moldova. Over the next five years, the technology of high-speed, thin-walled multiple cavity moulding was mastered, and manufacture volumes were increased.
In 2016, production enterprise Zenit was renamed Plast Mold. In the same year, in addition to the manufacture of plastic containers and buckets, the enterprise began to produce one- and two-component bottle corks. Until today, Plast Mould continues to actively develop, increase the park of metalworking machines and hire subject-matter experts. In 2020, the construction of a new facility began in order to expand production capacities.