Manufacturing of plastic packaging

Plast Mould is one of the leading enterprises in Ukraine in the field of production of high-quality plastic containers. We produce polypropylene packaging for foodstuff and household chemicals. The factory is distinguished by a high quality and a wide range of containers and buckets with a volume from 150 ml to 5900 ml of different configurations (circle, oval, square), as well as one- and two-component corks. The product can be changed in accordance with the customer’s requests: the colour of the container, bucket, handle, cork; protective label on the cork; IML label.

The production of plastic packaging is the main direction of the enterprise, therefore, we are actively increasing the range of products, taking into account the requests and needs of our customers.

In-mould labeling (IML)

Applying IML labels to products makes them original and distinguishes from competitors. In-mould labelling is an injection moulding technology, in which a label, made of the same polymer material as the product, forms a single whole with the product.

The benefits of IML labels:

  • original commercial presentation of the product: preconditioning of the label allows us to use the full colour printing with clear graphics and realistic images
  • quality: the label does not peel off under the influence of liquids, oils and temperatures
  • speed: the process of labelling is done simultaneously with the production of containers
  • strength: the label provides a stronger adhesion (fusion) to the product itself, which makes packing and assembly easier
  • low cost of the label in comparison with the traditional one
Manufacturing of injection moulds

We offer the manufacturing of injection moulds for plastic parts. It is possible to produce according to the customer's drawings, as well as to develop the design and technological documentation by our design engineering bureau. 30 years of experience allows us to guarantee the quality of injection moulds, fast delivery dates, technical support and professionalism.

We offer:

  • engineering analysis of products
  • choice of materials
  • prototyping
  • technological preparation of production
  • testing of manufactured moulds
  • production of pilot batches of parts
  • warranty and post-warranty service of moulds

We offer modern metalworking on computer numerically controlled machines (CNC), eliminating the scope for errors or inaccuracies during operation. It is possible to manufacture parts according to the customer's drawings, as well as to develop the design and technological documentation by our design engineering bureau.

We use modern European equipment to perform various types of metalworking: turning, milling, boring, grinding, electro-erosion. Each processing phase is controlled by subject-matter experts and performed with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. We use materials and tools that are thoroughly tested, therefore, the quality of the manufactured parts is guaranteed.