Cork single-component with ring
A = 57 мм mm
B = 56 мм mm
C = 33 мм mm
Cork single-component with ring
atque quis impedit
According to the palette
Minimum Order Quantity
500 pcs

Recommendations on testing PLAST MOLD polymer packaging

- before operation, the products (samples) must be kept indoors for at least 12 hours at a temperature of (20 ± 3) ºС and relative humidity (40-80%).

Recommendations on the use of PLAST MOLD polymer packaging and filling it with products

- products at all stages of the technological process at the consumer (customer) should not be subjected to temperature extremes and mechanical stress;

- products should be used in accordance with the requirements of TU U 25.2-14157969-002:2005, incl. for food products, the temperature of which during packaging should not exceed (90 ± 10) ºС.

Recommendations for palletizing of PLAST MOLD products

- packed products should be placed on pallets without cracks and other defects that can damage the cargo. The pallet should be strong enough to bear the estimated weight of the packaged products;

- if there are gaps between the boards of the pallet with a width of more than 50 mm, it is recommended to lay corrugated cardboard on the pallet to evenly distribute the load on the boards;

- in order to prevent destructive horizontal impacts and vertical loads during storage, movement and transportation, it is recommended to pack a pallet with manufactured products in shrink or stretch film from top to bottom. The tension of the film should not be too strong in order to avoid deformation of the packaged products on the pallet.

Recommendations on the storage of PLAST MOLD polymer containers

- products should be stored in closed dry warehouses at a distance of at least 1 m from heating devices in conditions that exclude the impact of aggressive environments (acidic, alkaline and others), as well as flammable and combustible liquids. Products must be protected from direct exposure to sunlight;

- packed products should be stacked on crates, pallets or racks. The distance from the floor must be at least 10 cm;

- climatic storage conditions: temperature - not higher than 25 °C, relative humidity - 40-80%.

 Recommendations regarding the conditions of transportation of PLAST MOLD polymer containers

- products should be transported in covered vehicles by any mode of transport, according to the requirements of the carriage of goods for each mode of transport;

- during transportation, loading and unloading, products should be protected from mechanical damage, exposure to sunlight and precipitation;

- products should be placed in the vehicle in such a way as to prevent displacement or deviation from the vertical axis of the transport package.

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